Troy (2004)


Wolfgang Petersen


Brad Pitt, Diane Kruger, Orlando Bloom


The Iliad. Without any Gods. Or charisma.


This is a lesson in how to ruin a good book. The sort of tale that has survived literally thousands of years.
I was surprised to find that Brad Pitt, one of the better actors of his generation, was wooden to the point that they should have used him for a femur on the giant horse. He warms up a little, but is a perfect example of what can only be shoddy directing. The CGI actually didn't annoy me too much, or even that they stripped some of the more fun aspects of greek mythology. Just that it was not what I had hoped for.
When I studied classics I always thought there would come a great adaptation of the Iliad for the screen. It still may come...the oracle hath foreseen it. But this was not it.
From the director of such character driven classics as Airforce One (making Harrison Ford wooden), A Perfect Storm (making Clooney wooden that time), and Outbreak (making Dustin Hoffman wooden. Nice.)

Rating: 4 / 10