Stacy (2001)


Naoyuki Tomomatsu


Norman England, Tomoka Hayashi, Yukijiro Hotaru


Girls in their late teens die and become Zombies. Governments enforce plans to eliminate this menace. There's some weird romance subplot as well.


I love the Japanese film industry for its oddball approach to making movies. In this film the premise is that girls in their late teens die (following 'Near Death Happiness' where they giggle in that quintissentially Japanese way), and then become classic brain eating Zombies.

This film is a lot of things. It's primarily a happy nod to the best of the genre for the last 30 years or so. It combines this with some interesting views on governments and control, along with some ideas of what people will do under a commanding rule.

Oh, and it's kinda Japanese, with lots of schoolgirls, excessive ketchup-gore and a strange cutesy romance subplot (don't even get me started on the ending!).

The obvious nods to Romero and company are performed in a kitschy fashion which makes them palatable, and the plot is as strong as Zombie plots tend to get. The human interest arises here in the notion that the condition is known, so families eventually become responsible for offing their offspring if they are about to become one of the mobile deceased.

That the cast are evidently enjoying themselves comes across, helping to smooth the borders between ultra-gore, romance, comedy and totalitarian regimes, and for me the major disappointment is that they felt the need to put too strong a subplot on the whole venture. Most Zombie films get by anyway.

Then again, that is Japanese movie making for you. I'm learning to take the rough with the smooth. You will often get plot and content that you're unlikely to see eminate from Hollywood, and the flipside is that we put up with odd romances and endings that drag...and drag...and ultimately dragged this movie's rating down from a '9'.

Exellent, though, and highly recommended if you like any of the genres listed above.

Rating: 8 / 10