Mr. 3000 (2004)


Charles Stone III


Bernie Mac


Erm. Baseball. Something to do with 3000 goals or something. And Bernie Mac. At His Worst.


I enjoyed Bernie Mac in 'Bad Santa'. I think his show is awful, but he clearly can be funny. This is not.

The plot? Man plays baseball. Hits 3000 somethings. Bases [sic] all business ventures on this fact. Gets two (runs?) revoked. Has to score them again at a later age.

Having been introduced to baseball in the last couple of years, I have found that the game is mildly amusing, but more an extended commercial break. This film is, er, mildly amusing, but more an extended commercial break. The very fact that all the stadium shots were done between innings at a real baseball game is evidence of that, but this is not a rant about baseball.

The idea of the film has potential. The old-style sportsman attempting to get by in the modern commercial world. But it is really, really poorly written.

The jokes don't even play on the main joke of the film for the most part. When they do, they often [insert humourous baseball reference about a crap shot here]. The only reason I gave this a '4' is that the latter 3rd (baseball only gets interesting in the 7th?) warms up comedically, though that could have been the Coors Lite kicking in.

I had a hard time even working the plot out to begin with...the passage of time is not well marked - Bernie Mac always looks the same - and so when the revelation that his hits are being revoked comes, you don't really realise that it's a problem. Maybe there are baseball in-jokes here that I missed, but my favourite sports film of all time is a baseball movie (Battlefield Baseball), and that didn't matter. A good comedy is funny without studying the game behind it. This was a 3 strikes sort of movie.

O.k. I can't make baseball references, but you've got to try. They can't make comedy, so we're even.

Rating: 4 / 10