Cube Zero (2004)


Ernie Barbarash


Zachary Bennett, Stephanie Moore, Michael Riley


People get taken against their will (or are they), and stuck in the giant Rubix Cube of Dooooom


The first 'Cube' film was interesting in a sort of arthouse Canadian horror/suspense sort of way. The second smacked of straight-to-video-but-with-a-bit-of-CGI cash-in. This one is strange.

Having seen the first two, there are no real surprises to be had here. People have to try to get out of a booby-trapped (something x something) array of cubes. This movie attempts to add to it with plotlines governing who it is (the standard 'shady organisation'), and puts one of the jobsworth cube overseers into the equation.

What was a pleasant surprise was the addition of excellent visuals reminiscent of 'City of Lost Children' and 'Delicatessen', in that fish-eyed ugly people with a green filter sort of way. Also a few of the bit-part actors were genuinely entertaining, not least the comedy Gestapo-type with a limp, who clearly enjoyed the whole shoot.

The budget did not provide for enough quality actors to make you give a shit about anyone within the cube, but there was enough added to the series, and the correct bits borrowed from the earlier ventures to make this, for me, the best so far. It still reads like a Twilight Zone episode, but one that I would voluntarily revisit without the TV having to control the Horizontal, or, to that matter, the Vertical.

Rating: 7 / 10