Necronomicon (1994)


Christophe Gans, Shusuke Kaneko, Brian Yuzna


Bruce Payne, Belinda Bauer, Bess Meyer


The writer H.P Lovecraft defies the guardian monks of the book of the dead, and reads the B-movie plotlines therein.


B-Movie jello-gore silliness in the vein of Creepshow. A compendium of 3 short stories and an encompassing plotline involving H.P. Lovecraft. The sort of film that makes you wonder how so many people could be involved in something so tacky. That said, the effects range from the pitiful (flying napkins in the third story) to the rather good (the final sequence with the monk), all filmed in glorious Bad-Light-Pornavision.

The first story (not to give too much away), is the terrifying tale of the Swedish Dr. Who Fishmonster. And that's about it. Contains all the suspense and terror you would expect from that summary.

  • First Story - 2/10

    The second story is a new take on vampires, namely that they are kept alive by Micto-Bears (that's what I heard anyway!). Predictable, but with a couple of nice touches, a fair amount of tongue-in-cheek, and a pair of boobs in a shower. Not a classic, but entertaining nonetheless

  • Second Story - 4/10

    The third tale is of a policewoman who discovers the terrible truth about 'The Butcher'. The best gore effects (save the 'Wraparound' story), with the most enjoyably hammy acting, a couple of twists and possibly even a moral underline. Let down only by the flying napkins, that make the bats in old Hammer Horror look convincing.

  • Third Story - 6/10

    The 'wraparound' is fairly plotless, and for the most part content-free and tedious. Essentially H.P. Lovecraft (but not the author, honest, as the disclaimer is keen to point out), reads the plotlines in the Necronomicon, which is housed by monks rather bizarrely in a library built above a steaming Swimming Pool of Doom. Not really necessary, and I preferred the comedy corpse in Creepshow as a cut-scene, but it's worth sticking with it for the finale, where all the stops are pulled out on the special effects.

  • Wraparound - 5/10

    In all, a classic in the sense of memorably bad, but it is fairly self aware, and most of the 'actors' seem to realise how silly it is. Provided me more entertainment than a lot of the multi-million dollar films that have appeared recently. If not exactly the horror.

    Rating: 5 / 10