The Forgotten (2004)


Joseph Ruben


Julianne Moore, Christopher Kovaleski


Julianne Moore's son is killed in plane crash, but soon people start denying he ever existed. Conspiracy theory psychological thriller.


Forgettable psychodrama babble, mix of thriller cliches with X-files and other 'eliminated memory' films like the Net, Memento etc. thrown in.
Not the worst film of it's kind (except perhaps for the ending), and offers cludgy explanations for the myriad plot holes that abound.
On the positive side, some of the effects are rather fun, there are some genuine 'jump out of your seat' moments, made all the more jumpy for the fact that you are probably drifting off at the time.
Large sections of the plot are without purpose, including several of the major characters, and very few strings are tied at the end.
A passable movie for entertainment value, but not one to see again, and certainly wouldn't stand up to a more critical analysis. If you want profundity, clever ideas or intelligent psychodrama on a similar vein, you'd be better off looking at some old Twilight Zone episodes.

Rating: 6 / 10